(1) The Worldwide emergency
number for Mobile Phones is
112. When you are out of
coverage area merely dial 112
and the mobile will search for
any existing network. This
number 112 can be dialed even
while the keypad is locked.
That's part of the GSM
standard. GSM standards
accept that code to remap to
the local emergency number,
be it 911, 111, 999, or in our
case 000.
(2) Disable your stolen phone
by noting down 15 digit IMEI
number previously. Press *#
06# then a 15 digit code will
appear on the screen. This
number is unique to every
handset. Note it down and
keep it somewhere safe. When
your cell phone gets stolen
then you can call your service
provider and give them unique
code and they will be able to
block your handset. So even if
the thief replace the SIM card
your phone will be totally
useless. You probably won't
get your phone back, but at
least you know that whoever
stole it can't use or sell it to
others. If we all follow this
then there would be no point
in people stealing mobile-
(3) If you lock your keys in the
car and the spare keys are at
home then, call someone at
home on their cell phone from
your cell phone. Now hold
your cell phone about a foot
from your car door and let the
other person at your home
press the unlock button on
your spare keys, holding it
near the phone on their end.
Finally your car will be
unlocked. Distance is does not
matter here. You could be
hundreds of miles away, and if
you can reach someone who
has the other “remote” for
your car, you can unlock the
* Your car should have audio
tones, or is susceptible to RF
(4) Nokia Mobiles have hidden
battery power which you can
utilize in emergency. Suppose
your cell battery is very low
and you are expecting an
important call even you don ’t
have a charger. Nokia
instrument comes with a
reserve battery which you can
be activated by pressing the
keys *3370#. Your cell will
restart with this reserve and
the instrument will show a 50%
increase in battery. This
reserve will get charged when
u charge your cell next time.
(5) Mobile phones should not
be frequently charged, it may
reduce the battery life. Always
track the battery charge
indicator, and carry mobile
charger in purse/bag/car to
avoid the contingency of
battery discharge.
(6) Every mobile handset has
an IMEI number (International
Mobile Equipment Identity),
which is a unique number and
anyone can access this number
by merely pressing *#06#. The
mobile warranty is attached to
the IMEI number, and it is also
useful in the event of theft.
This IMEI can be used to
prevent your phone joining a
phone network if the carrier
has agreed to do phone
(7) The plastic cosmetic parts
lose their glare and color due
to heavy exposure to sun light
and too much of heat so in
order to avoid direct sun
exposure, one must use mobile
pouches, cases and covers.
(8) Always buy Mobile phone
with a long “talk time”. It is
more efficient, with less
powerful emissions.
(9) To avoid the Liquid Crystal
Damage (LCD) damage always
check it out that while your
phone is in the purse or while
you are seated it is not in the
contact with any sharp/hard
object.Its advisable to use
pouches or mobile covers to
avoid this kind of damage.
(10) It’s always advisable to
install anti-virus software in
your MobilePC to avoid any
have huge
chances of

if any
water / Oil / milk / tea /Cold
drink / curry / shaving foam
may get in as mobile phones
are susceptible to liquid
(12) The phone can not be
repaired if its undergone
moisture damage. So to
remove the moisture it must
be kept in the bowl filled with
rice as shown above in the
(13) Keeping Bluetooth on
unnecessarily increases the
chances of your mobile
catching to malicious
viruses.Bluetooth should be
turned on only when it is
(14) Always make the best use
of your manual book to avoid
the inconveniences.
(15) To enhance the life of
your charger it must be
unwound and disentangled.
(16) While removing the
battery it’s always advisable to
first switch the handset off.
(17) Use fingers while pressing
the keys. Fingernails or sharp
objects may damage the
(18) Electronic items must
always be kept away from dust
as they may have damaging
effects. So mobile phones must
be kept in pouches or mobile
(19) Use the accessories as
recommended by the
manufacturer whenever
(20) When your phone is out of
network coverage, switch off
the handset or else the battery
may get drained.
(21) Remove the battery and
keep it separately if your
mobile phone is not used for
long time.
(22) Always switch-off your
mobile phones during a flight
as it might interfere with
aircraft computers.
(23) There are four kinds of
batteries available in the
market. Always go for the
Lithium Polymer battery as it
represents blending of
capacity, size and value.
(24) Some new phones have
built-in GPS receivers which
can be a big asset to those
who are lost or searching for a
particular location.
(25) If you know you're
travelling to an area without
coverage or with only roaming
coverage, consider turning off
your cell phone. It can use up
a lot of power trying to find a
suitable network.
(26) Phones generally spend a
lot of time in pockets/bags and
are used in varied weather
conditions which make them
dirty. Also fingerprints are a
common problem on camera
lenses. Thus, from time-to-time
sunglasses cleaning cloth must
be used to avoid any harm to
the camera lenses.
(27) Suspend calls in heavy
traffic or hazardous weather
conditions to avoid any
(28) Use a speaker phone
accessory while driving as this
allows you to keep your hands
on the wheel and your eyes on
the road.
(29) If you do not want to be
charged for calling directory
assistance from your cell
phone, dial (800) FREE 411, or
(800) 373-3411 and you will not
incur any charges for directory
assistance. Program this
number into your phone for
future convenient reference.
(30) Do not permit a battery
out of the phone to come in
contact with metal objects,
such as coins, keys or
(31) If by mistake you have
done something wrong in the
settings and you are not able
to switch back to original
settings then you can reset the
settings by typing *#7780#
(32) If a program hangs and
you can't shut it down, select
the application in the
application switching window
and press 'C' to close it. It's
also a faster way to exit
(33) For checking the Call
Redirection status Type *#61#
and press call.
(34) If your phone doesn't have
incoming call barring and
outgoing call barring, you can
try this. For outgoing call
barring dial *33*barcode*# and
pres OK. To deactivate it dial #
(35) The Printed Circuit Boards
(PCBs) are multi-layered and
are mounted with surface-

mounted devices. The contact
of such Integrated Circuits and
components on PCB are in
microns (µm) (10^ - 6 meters)
and a small impact / shock /
jerk may displace the
components or break the
tracks. The manufacturer does
not give any warranty for such
cases. Mobile phone pouches
or covers are of great help in
avoiding such damages.
(36) Close unnecessary active
applications like IM chat,
instead of letting them run in
the background.
(37) If you need to block SMS
reception (if you are spammed
by someone) just press this
code: *35*xxxx*16# xxxx is your
Call Barring code (default is
0000). To remove this barring
type: #35*xxxx#
(38) When the SIM card-pin
blocked type **042*pin2
(39) Avoid restarting the
phone, or repeatedly turning it
on and off. This helps increase
battery life.
(40) In order to keep oneself
away from the hackers ensure
that a strong password is
created for your mobile PC.
Also change your passwords
one in a month.
(41) Protect yourself from the
cell phone radiation emitted
from the antenna of your
mobile phone with the SAR
Shield radiation shield.
(42) Keep the calls short most
of the times and carry the
phone away from your body
when it is on standby.
(43) The easiest way to find a
cell phone number is through a
national cellular registry
website. These large third
party data sites are able to
work with the various cellular
providers to give access to cell
phone name and number
information through
memberships that protect their
customer information from
data mining operations
(44) Always go for java games
and application over SIS to
save your memory and to
avoid from many problems.
(45) Using secret codes very
frequently may be harmful to
your phone and result in
disabling.Re-cycling of a
mobile leads to a longer life.