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How to formate a computer

How to Format a PC
Note: This guide is strictly for PCs, not Macs, and is geared toward PCs with the Windows XP operating system. It may work or be helpful with other versions of Windows, but is not guaranteed to.
1. Make sure you have all the necessary CDs to restore your system. DO NOT format your hard drive if you do not have these discs.
2. “Back Up” your personal files (e.g. My Documents folder). All fileswill be lost once your hard drive isformatted. You will needto reloadany files from your back up disc that you want on your newly formatted computer.
3. Put your operating system installation CD (Windows XP) into your CD-Rom drive.
4. Restart your computer and rapidly press F2 to get to the bootpriority screen.
5. Use the arrow keys to move to the “Boot” tab.
6. Set first boot device to the CD-Rom drive with the Windows XP CD in it.
7. Save and Exit (F10, I think)
8. When prompted, quickly press any key to boot from the CD.
9. Wait while it loads…
10. Hit ENTER to set up Windows.
11. Continue installing…
12. Press “D” to delete the main partition.
13. Confirm delete.
14. Yes to set up Windows XP on new partition.
15. Press ENTER to format the partition.
16. Wait while it formats the hard drive (takes about 30 minutes or more).
17. The rest of the Windows installation process should startautomatically, be easy to follow, and self-explanatory.
2nd technique
Follow these steps exactly:
Start computer. At the beep sound, or just before windows starts, tap which ever key (F1 thruF12 or esc) your computer requires you to hit in order to go into your BIOS. You may have to do this several times before you discover which key it is. Don't worry if you accidently hit the wrong key, nothing devastating will happen. If you inadvertenly start up in Safe Mode, simply exit windows and restart and use a different key. Once you are in yourBIOS, use the arrow keys to arrowover to the tab that list your Boot Sequence. Change the order to: First - CD ROM, Second - Hard Drive,Third -Floppy. (Before Windows XP came out, if you wanted to reformat your computer, you had to select your floppy to boot first.) Ok, after you changeyour boot order, exit your BIOS making sure to choose Exit and SAVE changes. Allow your computer to start. Put your XP cd in the cd rom and shut down your computer. Restart the computer. Now, your screen should be black and a message will read, "To boot from cd, hit anykey", do it. I hit enter. Windows will run like a system check and then it will give you an option of repairing an existing copy of XP, installing another copy of XP, or deleting a copy of XP. Choose to delete. It will go thru all the typicalwarnings of how you willno longer have access to files, that everything will be deleted etc. Go for it. After it deletes theold, it willthen tell you that your computer iswithout an Operating System and it will ask you if you'd like to install a copy of XP. Click yes. The rest is pretty basic. Just follow the instructions on the screen. Choosenot to partician if asked and install on a NTFS not a FAT or FAT32. Why? Because it's better, trust me. If you have any problems, email me. I'll check it more often than usual over the next few days just in case. Good Luck. When your done, go back into your BIOS and change back your boot order, although you don't HAVE to.

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